A way back

A lonely evening,
And tiered eyes
Look far to the horizon,
Where sky kisses ocean
Where sky touches ocean,
Make me go deep in thought.
Makes me explore to nostalgia
Makes me recall my best days
make me search all the ways.
I console myself.
My sun of hope shines without rays

I wish to be a prey of Alzheimer
Coz memories hunt me mercilessly
With helpless eyes. I look around
Searching  the  world of my own.
A way back, where I belong

I do have a question in me.
Or say a conflict in side me
War of responsibility and desire
Battle of water and fire
Where responsibility cheats and wins.
Desire fades to colorless
I wish to be numb and senseless
I lost the battle of my desire
scarifying my  soul on fire

I look a far distance 
tracing a way back to land u know
where morning dawn kisses snow
and refreshes the soul with  a glow
A way back,
back to home..

Abu Dhabi 20.12.2009


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