Declaration of hopes!!!

Within a time of eye blink,
We lost our loved ones,
We lost the age of beauty,
Tears replaced our smiles,
The debris of mud n stone 
Replace the monuments
Of our pride glory n identity..
our ancesters build,
For us 

We may have lost our smile 
but we havent lost the hope.
Stand strong brave hearts....!!
A new begining, 
a new sun rise is waiting for us..
Be strong n keep faith on yourselves..
Hard times make family
More united ,more strong...!!
May be after so long
We have cried in same pain
For the love of our nation..
Is'nt it??

Its time to join hand to hand
Shoulder to shoulder..
To be their for those in need
My friend,
You are not alone
In this tragedy,
Some one needs a warm hug,
Some one is yelling in pain,
Some one needs a shoulder 
To hold and cry...

The love of our people
Dwelling in our heart
Errupt being tear
Like lava from volcano
No body is far, unknown
Close to heart
As we are all Nepali
Big warm family....

This tragedy has teach us
To erase boundries,
Break wall of discrimations,
As the pain is same
The loss is same
same is the broken heart..
And same are the hopes for tomorrow.
And that is beautiful,
Beautifual as a smile of new born..!!

Dharahara will stand again,
Basantapur will rise again
And will our history
With new pride n Identity.

Love you all...!!


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